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By Hans Kos

Do you have the right flow metering solution to handle this reactive natural gas? >

Ozone is highly reactive oxidant and extremely effective viricide and bactericide. Ozone is used in various industries due to its versatile characteristics.>

It is a strange, colorless gas and it is composed of three oxygen atoms. In 99 out of 100 applications, the concentration of ozone will be below 10%. If the concentration gets larger, ozone becomes very unstable and breaks down easily. This breakdown causes a volume expansion which creates an explosion.


If you are now wondering can Kytola Instruments produce flowmeters for Ozone?

The answer is YES!

Kytola has customizable solutions in the area below 10% concentration. There are naturally some limitations, but we do cover diverse of applications.

Model L and Model MP
(depending on the % ozone) are very reliable flowmeters to measure accurately. Model L can be delivered with a resistant flow tube and assembled with the correct O-rings which makes it an affordable meter to use in the low flow ranges.

Model MP is a meter whereby the media only gets in contact with stainless steel. It can be used for large flows, and it is designed to withstand high temperature and pressure hence the impeccable solution for ozone.

Model L


Applications in various industries

Ozone is used in multiple applications, for example:

• Water Industry
• Aquaculture
• Food and beverage Industry
• Process Industries

Ozone is used in the aquaculture industry to increase the quality of water, reduce diseases, reduce suspended solids, dissolve organic carbon and controlling the level of oxygen. This creates a better productivity. Ozone has more effective disinfecting qualities than against viruses and bacteria than chlorination.

It is also used in the hydroponics industry or greenhouse companies to create a better environment to reduce molds, viruses, bacteria and bugs. Result is a healthier growth and higher profits.

If you are looking for a robust flow meter for ozone, you don’t have to look further. We have an answer for you.

Please contact us at your convenience and let us help you improve your processes and business.

By Hans Kos

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water filtration process where water is forced through a semipermeable membrane by water pressure. RO filtration removes fine particles and dissolved substances (such as salts) from water. Reverse osmosis filtration is widely used to produce drinking water from sea water and to produce high purity water for use in industrial processes.

water image

There are various flowmeters used in reverse osmose installations. The variable area flowmeter is used to visually measure the amount of water going through the tubes. Based on this flow, the installation can be adjusted to optimal functioning.

There is a good reason why Kytola’s model H is used very frequently in the reverse osmosis units.

First of all, Kytola Instruments’ flowmeters stand for the highest quality. The materials used in manufacturing are top notch.

Kytola provides 3 model H flowmeters that can cover almost all your needs.

• With 1 size (model HV) but different floats and tubes you can measure from 0.05 to 8 GPM water
• With 1 size (model HK) but different floats you can measure from 1.5 to 20 GPM water
• With 1 size (model HT) but different floats you can measure from 3 to 100 GPM water

Because Kytola uses all kinds of different designed and calibrated floats, you can switch out the flowmeter to a larger or smaller size without changing the tubing. This saves a lot of time in the design. Instead of having to glue expansion sockets to fit the larger flowmeter.

Kytola use on models HT, HK and the larger flows of model HV guide rods where the floats slide up and down the rod. This creates stability.

H meters

Many manufacturers use floats that move freely in the tube. When they go to a larger flow, they often need a larger float and tube to measure. Because of the construction of the Kytola flowmeters, we can use the same size tube but put a different type float on the guide rod to measure a larger flow. You do need the same size tube but with a different scale.

Kytola Instruments is committed to provide the highest quality flow metering and monitoring solutions. Please visit our website and find out how we can help you.

Why quality matters when choosing a flowmeter?

By Hans Kos

Variable area flowmeters variety

Kytola has multiple different flowmeters for various needs

Kytola Instruments has been manufacturing and developing high quality flow measuring instruments and control devices since 1945. For the past 75 years, Kytola has been steadily grown to an internationally recognized enterprise that focuses in engineering and manufacturing products that are made to last.

What is Kytola’s recipe for its success?

The answer is actually very simple: customers want constant high quality, accuracy and reliability.

Kytola’s customer orientated and highly skilled staff is always ready to listen customers’ needs and eagerly responding to those while prioritizing long lasting, high quality solutions.

There are numerous producers of flow meters which manufacturing methods and standards are not as high as Kytola’s and consequently the accuracy and constant quality suffers from it. These flow meters might be a lot cheaper to produce but typically have many disadvantages.

If you would put such a flowmeter under a microscope, you would see that the inner tube where the float is moving up and down is very rough. A small bit of contamination or moist will stick to the wall causing the float not to move freely.


Kytola flowmeters are produced with state-of-the-art CNC machines which provide their impeccable quality compared to several products on the market. CNC machines are high precision tools that are computer controlled and make the manufacturing process highly efficient. Materials used for production go through a strict quality control system. The plastic gets a special treatment to prevent expansion or shrinking due to temperature and pressure changes while in use.

Choosing Kytola products has variety of benefits:

• Special scales
• Special ranges
• Even a combination of both scales and ranges
• Short delivery time.


While the production and manufacturing take place in Finland, Kytola has subsidiaries in North America, Sweden and Germany, as well as many local distributors all over the world, which means that choosing a Kytola flowmeter is just around the corner.

If you want to measure liquid or gas in a simple accurate way, Kytola Instruments is your answer.

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By Hans Kos


When I am asked to tell the benefits of the Kytola oil lubrication system, I always start with a question: “Have you had a bearing failure within a year?” If the response is affirmative, I know that eventually the financial losses for the mill are inevitable for the following reasons:

• The machine must stop
• The bearing must be replaced
• In the worst case, a complete roller must be switched out
• Chance for fires are there due to extreme heat in the bearing house

Panel ovald2 sr stand door

There are many possibilities to lubricate your bearings but what is the key factor why customers choose Kytola products?

If the lubrication oil to the bearing is controlled, there is a much lower chance of a bearing failure.

There are many lubrication systems on the market, but Kytola Instruments products take a step further. Kytola products not only measure the oil flow going to the bearing, we also alarm it in 3 ways to make sure that if something goes wrong, you can take action while the machine is still running.

The Kytola oil lubrication system is based on positive displacement meters (oval gear meters) that measure a calibrated portion of the oil going to the bearing. If the meters slow down for a reason, the Kytola electronics will alarm it as a “low flow” signal. If the turning gears stop, it will alarm as a “low low flow” signal. By turning the bypass valve 90 degrees, you are redirecting the oil flow going to the bearing and you can investigate the meter while the lubrication is still at place. You can take off the cover, take out the gears and clean them.

There is also a “high flow” alarm. This alarm protects the bearing from not getting any oil while you think everything is OK.

Example: During a shutdown, maintenance is working on a bearing. Once finished they forget to hook up the lubrication point. Because there is no resistance from the bearing house, the flow will be much higher than normal, and the alarm will show.

Because the oval gear system from Kytola is so accurate, and the repeatability is fantastic, you can regulate the oil flow to the bearing at 0.1 pints/min. By cooling the bearing to the best temperature, the lifetime of the bearing will be much longer.

Kytola Instruments have many options for a single bearing systems to complete machines with several hundreds of bearings. Our skilled staff is ready to help and find the solution for your needs.

Kytola Instruments is a manufacturer and developer of flow meters, oil lubrication systems and oil analyzers.