“While the world is adjusting to the new normal during these uncharted times, there are things that remain rather unchanged. Many essential operations are necessary to keep the world spinning.”

Anything that simplifies the processes, saves time, and makes your life easier, is welcomed solution for many during these extraordinary times. Kytola may have an answer for you.

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"Olli Kytola, the company’s founder, saw the operational benefits of reliable flow measuring instruments, and created the Kytola company to offer customers quality engineered products and application solutions. For the past 75 years, Kytola has steadily grown to an internationally recognized enterprise, whose products are used worldwide."

Respected Pulp and Paper news publication Paper Advance wrote Kytola’s company profile.

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Kytola Instruments' V series of variable area flow meters reaches beyond ordinary versatility. The flow meters are adaptable to most flowing media such as oil, water and different gases.

These flow meters are made to withstand harsh industrial conditions. Robust design combined with a wide selection of options to best adapt to customer-specific operating conditions cater for an optimal user experience. Select media and flow range, complete with options to your choice: end blocks, valves, connections, flanges, alarm sensors etc.

The Kytola V series flow meters are highly valued equipment in measuring and monitoring liquid and gas flows in most industrial sectors worldwide.

Typical applications are

  • sealing and cooling water
  • lubrication oil and gas flow measurement
  • flush water measurement

Watch a video on the V flow meter range.


Food cooking in commercial kitchens and restaurants creates large amounts of fumes containing grease.

The kitchen exhaust ventilation systems usually have grease filters that catch larger grease particles but the smaller particles pass the filters and builds up on the exhaust duct walls, heat exchangers and fans. This grease build up is a notable fire load and can cause unpleasant odour nuisances.

Kytola Instruments flow meters for ozone purifiers in commercial kitchens

One efficient and environmentally good technique to treat the exhaust air and prevent grease build up is to inject an ozone/oxygen mixture into the exhaust ducts. Ozone oxidizes and breaks down the grease particles.

Kytola Instruments manufactures both single and multitube flow meters that can be oxygen cleaned on request. These variable area flow meters are used in onsite ozone generators to adjust the ozone/oxygen flow into the exhaust ducts.

Variable area flow meters seem to keep their strong share in the market over so many ‘more sophisticated’ measuring methods. Have you ever wondered why?

Sometimes the best solution for your processes is the traditional, 'good old way of doing things.' Check out this neat infographic to see just a few reasons why conventional variable area flow meters can get the work done. Never hesitate to contact us if you think we can help you.