The Canadian Registration Number (CRN) is issued by each territory or province in Canada by an authorized safety authority for any pressure vessel or fitting that operates at a pressure greater than 15 psig (1 barg). In many instances a CRN is required to legally install a product in Canada. Contact us to find out more about CRN approved Kytola flow meters.

Read our newest blog by Hans Kos and find out how Kytola flowmeters are excellent choice for long-term future investment.

It is always less expensive to prevent than repair unforseen failures. A commonly known fact is that process equipment lubrication is vital to keep the operation intact. Should there be a bearing failure caused by unsufficient lubrication or poor oil quality, an entire machine may be stopped to have the breakage fixed.


Kytola has put much emphasis on helping companies to keep their processes up 24/7/365. Our products are precise, reliable and durable but also easy to use and they have a clear reading. Complementing the wide array of oil lubrication flow meters and measuring stations, we've complemented the offering with an online oil color analyzer, the Kytola OilCol. The operation of the OilCol is based on the visible light absorbance which indicates the color value of the oil. The color value scale follows the standardized ASTM D1500 scale 0.5 - 8.0.

ASTM scaleSmall

The oil color value can easily be read from the LED display.

Oil color change indication simplifies oil quality monitoring as time consuming and costly sampling and laboratory tests are not needed. This also enables fast reactions to changes in oil quality.

An investment in Kytola OilCol is an investment in secure operation and preventive maintenance. 



We've created a sturdy industrial flow meter with a heavy-duty impact resistant polymer flow tube to accommodate the needs of accurate and cost-saving gas flow metering and monitoring. The Kytola K series flow meters are variable area flow meters with a clear reading. All K series meters are made to comply with the requirements gas applications hold for process equipment. Kytola's long and proven history combined with continuous product development ensure high reliability and long-lasting products that enhance sustainability.

One key feature of all Kytola flow meters is their adaptability. Each flow meter can be built to meet your specific needs. The K series gas flow meters can be customized using a wide selection of end blocks, flow tube materials, flow ranges, connections etc. The meter can also be equipped with an alarm sensor.

We are very excited to announce that Kytola Instruments has a new blog. In the first blog President of North America Operations Hans Kos is writing about benefits of Kytola oil lubrication system. Please visit our new blog page at