We would like to welcome our new Area Sales Manager Lisa Doud Lisa has more than 20 years experience in the process and automation industry. Welcome Lisa!
Kytola Instruments North America has partnered with EUROSWITCH S.r.l  to sell their line of pressure switches, vacuum switches, diaphragms and pistons. Their vast families of pressure switches feature adjustable or fixed calibration are available in versions with an NO/NC contact or switching (SPDT) version and includes diaphragm pressure switches, piston-operated pressure switches, adjustable-hysteresis pressure switches, differential filter clogging indicators and vacuum switches.

Also available are custom versions where materials and electrical connections are made to the customer’s specifications. The great feature about these switches is most versions have a connector built into the pressure switches so different connections can be integrated into the sensor body, for IP67. EUROSWITCH is certified to UNI EN ISO9001-2008 and UNI EN 14001-2004. Their complete catalogue can be downloaded here

Kytola Instruments Introduces the Oilcol An On-Line Oil Color Analyzer Perfect for Petroleum Products

Kytola Instruments new model OILCOL Oil Color Analyzer is specifically designed for fast, accurate and real time measurement of the ASTM D1500 color value of oil. It is the perfect maintenance free solution for quality control and to help prevent machine failure.

The OILCOL works by using the ASTM D1500 color scale, which is used in a wide variety of petroleum products such as lubricating, hydraulic, heating, insulating and diesel fuel oils. The color value is used as a grade and quality measure in the refining process, as a means of confirming that the correct oil or fuel is being used in the particular application and also as a quality indicator of the oil contamination, oxidation, aging and degradation.

The OILCOL’s continuous and fast on-line indication of the oil color changes is the perfect instrument in this process as it allows for quick reaction to sudden changes in product quality and to perform preventative actions before any failures of the oil-using equipment occur. Also using the OILCOL eliminates the need for traditional time consuming and costly laboratory samplings and analyzes.

The compact and robust OILCOL displays the ASTM D1500 color value 0,5 – 8 in steps of 0,1 when the standard is in steps of 0,5. The OILCOL has a local display, 4 – 20 mA output and uses Modbus (RTU) communication. Maximum pressure rating is 20 bar and the temperature range is from -20°C to +70°C. Installation is easy and each OILCOL is individually calibrated to ensure the best possible accuracy for their customer.

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