oval mini


The Oval Min-E local display unit is designed to monitor and display flow rates and flow alarms measured by Kytola oval gear meters or other flow meters with pulse outputs.

The Oval Min-E can operate as a local display, can connect to Kytola KVM Control monitoring software or to customer's PLC/DCS.

Technical data
Supply voltage +24 VDC
Sensor types Kytola® coil sensor, NAMUR (ILK-M12-N), NPN, or PNP
Communication Modbus RTU (RS-485)
mA output 4−20 mA, 1 pc on single channel model or optional 8 pcs on multi-channel model
Relay output 1 pc NC, max. 48 VAC/DC, 0.5 A
Temperature range –20°C...+60°C (relative humidity < 85 %, non-condensing)
Housing Painted aluminum
IP class IP 65
Dimensions Single channel model 110 mm x 100 mm x 46 mm 
Multi-channel model 100 mm x 120 mm x 73 mm
Weight Single channel model 390 g
Multi-channel model 550 g

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