High Temperature (HT) versions: For High temperature applications we manufacture the series 8000-SAN with special cooling fins or with separate electronics. The compact versions with cooling fins can go up to 180°C and with the cooling fins and separate electronics we can go up to 280°C. The lowest range for these high temperature versions is 0.4 bar.

Extended Diaphragms: The series 8000-SAN-EXTD are Flange mounted level transmitters with an extended diaphragm. The extension length and diameter must be specified, always refer to our drawing no. 8000-61. The transmitters do have a strong flush mounted diaphragm and are fully temperature compensated. The technical specifications are equal to our series 8000-SAN.

Valve transmitters (Removable during process): The series 8000-VALVE is a combination of a level transmitter and a special ball-valve. The design permits flush installation of the diaphragm and a transmitter that can be removed without shutting down the process. Process connections are DIN or ANSI Flanges, a 1½“ threaded connection or a special weld-on nipple.