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Food cooking in commercial kitchens and restaurants creates large amounts of fumes containing grease.

The kitchen exhaust ventilation systems usually have grease filters that catch larger grease particles but the smaller particles pass the filters and builds up on the exhaust duct walls, heat exchangers and fans. This grease build up is a notable fire load and can cause unpleasant odour nuisances.

Kytola Instruments flow meters for ozone purifiers in commercial kitchens

One efficient and environmentally good technique to treat the exhaust air and prevent grease build up is to inject an ozone/oxygen mixture into the exhaust ducts. Ozone oxidizes and breaks down the grease particles.

Kytola Instruments manufactures both single and multitube flow meters that can be oxygen cleaned on request. These variable area flow meters are used in onsite ozone generators to adjust the ozone/oxygen flow into the exhaust ducts.

More than 50% of the fish and shellfish for human consumption and around 100 species are farmed in aquaculture today. The production is growing rapidly. *)

We'd like to share some ideas on how to promote a healthy growing environment and thus ensure high quality fish and shellfish to the market.

Aquaculture pic

Kytola flow meters are used to optimize and secure the oxygen level in closed system breeding tanks and basins and in transportation tanks. Purging oxygen into the tanks keeps the fish alive and by controlling the oxygen level the fish growth and feed efficiency are optimized. The water quality is also improved by the oxidation of the feed traces.

In open system aquaculture farms Kytola flow meters are used in the net pen and cage aeration systems. Aeration improves the oxygen level especially during hot periods and mixing the water improves the water quality and prevents algae formation and harmful fish diseases.

We have seen an increased demand for our flow meters that are tailor-made for aquacultural needs. Kytola flow meters meet aquaculture equipment standards and we also provide oxygen cleaned meters on request so that they are ready for safe O2 use.

*) Sources: EU, Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance

The unexpected challenges our daily routines. COVID-19 affects us both on a personal and corporative level.

Our employees are the core of our operations and we have taken all possible measures to ensure their safety and well-being in accordance with current guidance and regulations from government and local authorities.

With adequate precaution and fast reaction to changing circumstances, we remain confident that we shall be able to keep our operations normal.

With more than 100 years in the business, we focus on business continuity and to be your trusted supplier both in good and difficult times. Should there be any disruptances in our operations due to implementing restrictions given by government or local authorities, we shall inform accordingly.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at Kytola Instruments should you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your continued partnership.

For over 40 years Process Professionals have come to depend on the Process & Automation Shows for the latest technology for their plants. On March 4th, 2020 come and meet Kytola experts face to face to find out if our solutions could be an answer to your plant’s problems. We are looking forward to all the networking, building new connections and most importantly representing our robust, high-quality product portfolio.

We are looking forward to see you there!

The KLD Smart 是一款具有易于使用的触摸屏的本地显示器。

该设备经过专门设计,可以监视和显示使用 Kytola Oval 齿轮流量计或其他带脉冲输出的流量计测量的流量和流量警报。
KLD Smart 最常用于

- 润滑和工业油流监测
- 过程控制和
- 配料


无论选择单通道还是多通道 KLD Smart,都可以协调以满足流程特定需求。KLD Smart 有一个清晰的用户界面,可以随时更改设置。特别侧重视觉特征,因此警报一目了然。

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