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Precise oil lubrication is strategic for machine uptime and cost savings. The Kytola SR oval gear meters are specially designed to provide reliable and accurate lubrication oil measurement even in the harshest industrial environments.

You may choose single flowmeters that come in a wide range to meet most flow rates. Kytola flow meters are customized for best possible response to customer needs. The SR series of oval gear oil flow meters are positive displacement meters that always show the correct flow rate regardless of oil temperature or viscosity changes. The flow meter consists of two elliptical gears which the flow rotates. A coil sensor or an inductive proximity sensor picks up the rotation. The pulse signal can be transferred to indicators, counters, or automation systems. The meter comes with flow adjustment valves. SR meters are available both as single meters or they can be assembled to blocks.

Typical applications include lubrication oil measurement, industrial oil flow monitoring, and process control.

Kytola Oval gear oil flow meters

Can you afford bearing failures?

Bearings are like ants: they are in the middle of the harshest conditions and they work tireless until they face their end. An end that is often pre-mature due to poor lubrication or other circumstances that could be evitated by using proper measuring equipment.

Kytola Instruments provides a number of meters and measuring equipment to ensure sufficient and uncontaminated lubrication thus preventing bearing failures and unwanted costly downtime. Our specially designed SR Oval gear meters are available with service valve and they can be installed either as single units or as multi-blocks.

Together with the OVAL D measuring station the oval gear meters cater for most demanding oil flow and measuring needs regardless of applied application or industry.

Marine and offshore equipment are operated in highly abrasive and harsh conditions. For safety reasons strategic vessel equipment in the business have a fixed five-year dry docking interval. If approved propulsion condition monitoring requirements are met, the class requirement can be waived. Using the Kytola Oilan A4 water in oil analyzer the service interval can be extended by up to two years, thus creating remarkable savings in both avoided downtime and maintenance costs.

One of the main advantages is that whereas most analyzers measure humidity only up to the saturation point, the Kytola Oilan A4 streches way beyond this. As commonly known, once the saturation point is reached, humidity transforms to highly damageable free water. In worst cases salty sea water may enter the process and cause corrosion and premature oil aging. Oilan A4 is able to measure free water and react even to minor changes in the oil. Hundreds of sold Kytola Oilan A4's operating in the marine and offshore industry speak for themselves.

Our application note describes how Kytola Oilan A4 can help you to save money and secure your processes.

Kytola OILCOL is an online oil colour analyzer that prevents damages and saves maintenance costs

The Kytola OILCOL oil colour analyzer is specifically designed for fast, accurate and real time measurement of the ASTM D1500 color value of oil. It is the perfect maintenance free solution for quality control and to help prevent machine failure.

The OILCOL uses the ASTM D1500 color scale, which is used in a wide variety of petroleum products such as lubricating, hydraulic, heating, insulating and diesel fuel oils. The color value is used as a grade and quality measure in the refining process, as a means of confirming that the correct oil or fuel is being used in the particular application and also as a quality indicator of the oil contamination, oxidation, aging and degradation.

The OILCOL’s continuous and fast on-line indication of the oil color changes is the perfect instrument in this process as it allows for quick reaction to sudden changes in product quality and to perform preventative actions before any failures of the oil-using equipment occur. Also using the OILCOL eliminates the need for traditional time consuming and costly laboratory samplings and analyzes.

The compact and robust OILCOL displays the ASTM D1500 color value 0,5 – 8 in steps of 0,1 when the standard is in steps of 0,5. The OILCOL has a local display, 4 – 20 mA output and uses Modbus (RTU) communication. Maximum pressure rating is 20 bar and the temperature range is from -20°C to +70°C. Installation is easy and each OILCOL is individually calibrated to ensure the best possible accuracy for their customer.

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