The Kytola® Constant Flow Regulator Model 3631 is designed to provide a constant flow of liquids in applications where supply or back pressure varies. It also provides a constant flow of gases in applications where back pressure varies.

Model 3631 is a membrane type differential pressure controller with alarm function. It is supplied with variable area flow meter model L for indicating and setting the flow rate.

Technical Data
Max. flow 1.5 L/min H2O (60 NL/min air at 6 barg)
Max. diff. pressure 10 bar
Max. static pressure 20 bar
Minimum required pressure drop 2 bar
Max. temperature 75°C (*80°C)
Body Aluminium or AISI 316
Spring AISI 316
Membrane EPDM
Plate Nylon (PA 6) (*PVDF)
Seals Nitrile (*Viton, EPDM)
Connections G 1/4" or NPT 1/4"
Weight 0.6 kg (Aluminium body) or 1.2 kg (AISI 316 body)
*) Special construction on request

Product key

Model 3631

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