The KLD Smart is a local display with an easy-to-use touchscreen.

The device is especially designed to monitor and display flow rates and flow alarms that are measured either using Kytola Oval gear flow meters or other flow meters with pulse outputs.
Most commonly the KLD Smart is used in

- lubrication and industrial oil flow monitoring
- process control and
- batching

where the versatility of the device comes to its benefit.

Regardless of choosing a single or multi-channel KLD Smart, one can accommodate it to serve process-specific needs. The KLD Smart has a clear user interface that enables changing settings anytime. Special emphasis has been put to visual features so that for example alarms are visible at a glance.

We're approaching the festive season in Finland and this brings some changes to our service hours.

Our office is open/closed as follows:

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Seasons greetings

Finland celebrates its Independence Day on Friday, Dec, 6th. This is a national holiday and our office is closed. We shall be back at your service on Monday, Dec, 9th.
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Impeccable design, best possible raw materials, production with latest manufacturing technology by highly skilled personnel and thorough testing make Kytola flow meters stand out from the crowd. Our models A, C and D are acrylic flow meters operating in thousands of applications around the world. Their reliability and precision base on the profund knowledge and experience we have gathered for more than 70 years in the business. The acrylic flow meters come in a variety of flow and pressure ranges, all made to customer-specific needs. Ideally these flow meters are used for measuring and monitoring liquid and gas flows in applications within water treatment, sealing water measurement and gas flow measurement.

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