Easter is a national holiday in Finland and it brings some changes to our regular service times.

April, 1st - Maundy Thursday 8-16 CET
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We'd like to wish everyone a Happy and cheerful Easter break.

Easter marks the beginning of spring in Finland. Even though we still have lots of snow, the temperatures are mainly above 0 °C and the sun is shining.


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Proper bearing and gear lubrication is essential for reliable operation of all machinery. The main purpose of oil circulation lubrication is to lubricate and reduce friction, transfer heat and contaminants and to protect the target from corrosion.

Kytola oil flow monitoring products are widely used in rolling mills. They have proven reliable and failure-free operation in hot, cold and finishing rolling lines. Kytola flow meters are also used in oil lubrication for large gearboxes in metal mills.

Kytola VExA oil flow meters installation Konfluid Engineers crop rev2

Rolling mill machine manufacturers value highly this kind of oil lubrication flow monitoring arrangements. We have delivered customized combinations of flow monitoring devices and measuring stations worldwide. We have been extraordinary successful with supplying oil lubrication flow monitoring systems to metal rolling mills producing different steel grades and aluminium products such as alloy steel, stainless steel, tool steel and TMT bars.

Oil circulation unit suppliers see huge advantages in integrating different types of flow meters to their systems. Advanced flow measurement with Oval D2 measuring stations or the KLD touchscreen display complete the set up.

Most used Kytola products for this kind of application are:




We're approaching the festive season in Finland and this brings some changes to our service hours.

Our office is open/closed as follows:

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We wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year!

"Olli Kytola, the company’s founder, saw the operational benefits of reliable flow measuring instruments, and created the Kytola company to offer customers quality engineered products and application solutions. For the past 75 years, Kytola has steadily grown to an internationally recognized enterprise, whose products are used worldwide."

Respected Pulp and Paper news publication Paper Advance wrote Kytola’s company profile.

Read the full article here

Kytola Instruments' V series of variable area flow meters reaches beyond ordinary versatility. The flow meters are adaptable to most flowing media such as oil, water and different gases.

These flow meters are made to withstand harsh industrial conditions. Robust design combined with a wide selection of options to best adapt to customer-specific operating conditions cater for an optimal user experience. Select media and flow range, complete with options to your choice: end blocks, valves, connections, flanges, alarm sensors etc.

The Kytola V series flow meters are highly valued equipment in measuring and monitoring liquid and gas flows in most industrial sectors worldwide.

Typical applications are

  • sealing and cooling water
  • lubrication oil and gas flow measurement
  • flush water measurement

Watch a video on the V flow meter range.


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