For sampling, measuring and analysis of aerobic bacteria, fungi and microbes in ambient air. The equipment can take samples from three separate spaces simultaneously without mixing the samples.

The sampling device consists of a vacuum pump, flow meters equipped with adjusting valves and a fixed timer that can be scheduled. We also deliver the Andersen-type six stage viable cascade impactors. The package includes hoses with quick connectors that are easily attached to the pump. Optionally we offer a measuring range required for chemical sampling to the pump.

The device is used for indoor air microbe sampling in all domestic, working or recreational spaces where gases or other impurities may occur and cause health risks. Typically this happens when unwanted moisture, condensation or water cause mould damages.

The device is equipped with

- a vacuum pump (230 VAC/120 VAC)
- Kytola flow meters with flow adjustment valves
- compatible hose with quick connector
- three point measuring makes the device highly efficient and fast
- programmable time switch

The air sampling device is very handy to use

- electric-driven
- carry-on sized, equipped with handle
- plug and use
- delivered calibrated and ready to use


- Andersen-type six stage viable cascade impactors
- Flow meter for VOC (volatile organic compound) sampling

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