Model DPP is a well type manometer intended for reliable monitoring and accurate measurement of low pressure and differential pressure in applications where clear visual indication is required.

The well type manometer has a wider range than the inclined tube manometer. Model DPP is suitable for use in laboratories, high-pressure fans, air filters and for flow rate and velocity measurement in laboratories and in the field.

Technical data
Model DPP-1K DPP-2K      
Weight 350 g 450 g      
Metering liquid Red, hydrocarbon mixture, ρ=0.78   
Body Acrylic (PMMA)
Connectors Polycarbonate (PC)
Seals Nitrile
Max. static pressure 10 bar
Ambient temperature –40 ... +50°C
Accuracy ±2.5% of reading, ±10 Pa
Connections For 4–6 mm hose (inside diameter)

Product key

Model DPP

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