Marine and offshore equipment are operated in highly abrasive and harsh conditions. For safety reasons strategic vessel equipment in the business have a fixed five-year dry docking interval. If approved propulsion condition monitoring requirements are met, the class requirement can be waived. Using the Kytola Oilan A4 water in oil analyzer the service interval can be extended by up to two years, thus creating remarkable savings in both avoided downtime and maintenance costs.

One of the main advantages is that whereas most analyzers measure humidity only up to the saturation point, the Kytola Oilan A4 streches way beyond this. As commonly known, once the saturation point is reached, humidity transforms to highly damageable free water. In worst cases salty sea water may enter the process and cause corrosion and premature oil aging. Oilan A4 is able to measure free water and react even to minor changes in the oil. Hundreds of sold Kytola Oilan A4's operating in the marine and offshore industry speak for themselves.

Our application note describes how Kytola Oilan A4 can help you to save money and secure your processes.

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