Precise oil lubrication is strategic for machine uptime and cost savings. The Kytola SR oval gear meters are specially designed to provide reliable and accurate lubrication oil measurement even in the harshest industrial environments.

You may choose single flowmeters that come in a wide range to meet most flow rates. Kytola flow meters are customized for best possible response to customer needs. The SR series of oval gear oil flow meters are positive displacement meters that always show the correct flow rate regardless of oil temperature or viscosity changes. The flow meter consists of two elliptical gears which the flow rotates. A coil sensor or an inductive proximity sensor picks up the rotation. The pulse signal can be transferred to indicators, counters, or automation systems. The meter comes with flow adjustment valves. SR meters are available both as single meters or they can be assembled to blocks.

Typical applications include lubrication oil measurement, industrial oil flow monitoring, and process control.

Kytola Oval gear oil flow meters

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