What are the reasons behind our prompt deliveries? With 70 years in the business, experience has helped us to make some strategic decisions on how to provide our customers best possible service. The key is to deliver required products to required places in required time. As the entire production chain commencing with R&D all the way to shipment is located at same premises, there's flexibility and agility to react even to the most unexpected needs.

One often repeated story tells that we managed to win our long distance customer by delivering flow meters to their plant overseas before they had received an offer from their domestic supplier. From day to day we strive to create everyday success stories together.

Vi önskar alla en riktigt God Jul och Ett Gott Nytt År!

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Season greetings

At Kytola Instruments Oy quality has always been one of the core values in our way of doing business. The quality management system ISO 9001 and environmental quality management system ISO 14001 guide all our activities. Acknowledging that even minor discrepancies may cause severe consequences to our customers, we take much pride in being quality conscious. Starting with our sourcing through research and development, manufacturing to sales and delivery, we emphasize on intact operations and quality assurance.

It is widely known that the label "made in Finland" equals to high quality. With more than 70 years in the business we can agree with the unknown author who said "quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten".

Thank you all for visiting us at the Pap-For trade show in St. Petersburg. We had the pleasure of presenting our wide product range to designated Pulp and Paper specialists together with our local distributor, LesBumMash. It is very rewarding to hear that our existing customers value the precision, endurance and proven quality of our products. These characteristic features also attrack new customers to choose Kytola products to their processes and plants.

Give us a call, drop an e-mail or get in touch with our worldwide distributor network to discuss how we could make your flow monitoring and oil flow lubrication systems more reliable and profitable.

Kytola Instruments Oy has a long history of providing proven flow meter and oil flow lubrication solutions to major Russian Pulp and Paper companies. The bi-annual PAP-FOR event in St. Petersburg gathers together P&P industry specialists and operators in mid-November, 13.-16. November. You'll find us at the trade show together with our Russian distributor, LesBumMash. We wish you welcome to stand C21 at Expoforum.

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