sakarihayrynenManaging DirectorSakari Häyrynen
jariauvinenSales ManagerJari Auvinen
erkkipuupponenFinance and Personnel Manager
jarmotuohimetsaProduction Manager Jarmo Tuohimetsä
kaimikkolaEngineering and Development Kai Mikkola
Board of Directors
ristokytolaRisto Kytölä
Chairman of the board

Risto’s solid theoretical know-how brought by commercial education and combined with his decades-long career in the B2B business boost the work of the board from a sales perspective. Risto has extensive networks with both corporative business professionals and entrepreneurs which enables him to introduce various ways of leading the business. It also gives perspectives from other branches into the debate which in turn reinforces continuous development.
aririihimakiAri Riihimäki
Board member

Ari's extensive career in our company's sales and export management positions continues as a member of the Board. Ari contributes to the Board with his comprehensive industry knowledge as well as technical product knowledge in addition to business expertise. Ari's strengths also include export markets and international knowledge of trade.
jukkakytolaJukka Kytölä
Board member

Jukka brings a strong, marketing-oriented view of both consumer and corporate sales to the board. A long career in various industries, combined with his current position in Kytola companies, challenges us to look at operations from several different perspectives and consider things at an individual level. Jukka's special areas of expertise are real estate and environmental issues.
seppokytolaSeppo Kytölä
Board member

Seppo has followed the growth and development of the family business from an early age and has been an entrepreneur for a long time. His expertise strengthens the board from an entrepreneurial perspective both in theory and in practice. Seppo is active in his networks. Family entrepreneurship lies close to his heart and he’s a strong advocate of this also in his board work.