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The asbestos sampling equipment can be operated with different volumes of air, different filters and different sampling times. A powerful pump sucks in air, for example 10 litre (L) per minute, allowing the most commonly used 600 litre (L) sample to be taken in one hour. The sample is taken from one point (two points with an optional second flow meter), and the entire operation can be scheduled using a timer (option).

The device is equipped with
- a vacuum pump (230 VAC/120 VAC)
- a Kytola flow meter with flow adjustment valve
- compatible hose with quick connector
- one point measuring (second point as option)
- time switch

The air sampling device is very handy to use
- electric-driven
- light weight (14 lbs)
- equipped with handle
- plug and use

Model X-XA21: One flow point measuring. A practical device for all sites. The device may be equipped with optional features for comprehensive sampling. Two flow points measuring and a programmable time switch are available as options.

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