Model 2914 constant flow regulator has an AISI 316 stainless steel body and a two-piece construction for easy maintenance. It is a sturdy, industrial constant flow regulator.

The regulator is a membrane type differential pressure controller with a build-in needle valve for flow rate adjustment and it is usually supplied with Model VL variable area flow meter.

The 2914 is designed to provide constant flow of medium volume liquid flows in applications where supply or backpressure varies. Typical applications are control of seal waters, control of flush waters, batching of liquids and water purging.

Technical Data
Body AISI 316
Spring AISI 316
Diaphragm EPDM
Seals Nitrile
Connections NPT 1/2” (G 1/2”)
Maximum flow, H2O 5.3 USGPM 
Nominal flow, H2O 3.7 USGPM
Maximum differential pressure 174 psi (*290 psi Model 2914D)
Maximum static pressure 363 psi 
Pressure drop at nominal flow 44 psi 
Maximum temperature 194°F (momentary 248°F)
Weight 4 lbs. 
*Special construction on request

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