Model KD


Variable area flow meter Model KD is a sturdy industrial flow meter with a heavy-duty impact resistant polymer flow tube. It has a flow adjustment valve on the inlet. It comes in a range of different options and offers a choice of end blocks – aluminium, stainless steel AISI 316 or polyamide. It is a reliable instrument for measuring and monitoring gas flows.

Technical Data
Model    KDA  KDH KDK
End blocks           Aluminium AISI 316 Nylon
Flow tube Grilamid (*PES) Grilamid (*PES) Grilamid (*PES)
Float       AISI 329 AISI 329 AISI 329
Seals    Nitrile (*Viton®, EPDM) Nitrile (*Viton®, EPDM) Nitrile (*Viton®, EPDM)
Connections   NPT 1" or G 1"  NPT 1" or G 1" NPT 1" or G 1"
Valve housing Aluminum AISI 316 AISI 316
Valve spindle AISI 316 AISI 316    AISI 316
Side plates AISI 316  AISI 316 AISI 316
Maximum pressure  440 psi up to max. temp. 440 psi up to max. temp.  290 psi up to max. temp. 
Maximum temperature 175°F (*248°F) 175°F (*248°F) 175°F
Weight 4.2 lbs  6.8 lbs  3.1 lbs 
*Alarm sensor   ILK-M30-AB (20 – 250 VAC/DC, 2-wire, NO)
ILK-M30-BB (20 – 250 VAC/DC, 2-wire, NC)
ILK-M30-FR (10 – 55 VDC, 2-wire, NO/NC)
ILK-M30-N (NAMUR EN 60947)      
*Special construction on request

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